Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Author: Iris Johansen
Reviewed by Fran Lewis

An uneasy feeling alerted Eve that something might happen to her daughter, Bonnie even before it did. A child’s attachment to her mother, her unwillingness to be apart from her and her feelings expressed letting her mother know she loves her but yet something just might be wrong. Looking into the sky and at the stars Bonnie loved learning about the galaxies but something about that evening would haunt Eve Duncan forever. Looking at the stars and telling Bonnie that they are so far away she asked one simple question: Would you be afraid? Both stating that neither would be afraid yet Eve’s uneasiness did not go away nor subside. As the evening progressed Bonnie took her bath, but did not want anyone but Eve to read her a story that night. Although she had school and was studying for an exam, she gave in to her daughter’s wishes. Little did she know that it would be the last time she would read to her and the following day, just going for an ice cream would drastically change everything. How could a child disappear in thin air when going to an ice cream stand? Why didn’t anyone hear her scream or yell? Why didn’t anyone see her?

Fast forward to the present as Eve, Joe, Catherine and John Gallo, Bonnie’s father go in search of a killer. Thomas Jacobs knew he killed Bonnie but was murdered before they could question him. All those involved in any way were killed and silenced. So, why does everyone think that John Gallo knows more than he saying and why does Joe think that he just might be guilty. Catherine Ling is a CIA agent and is really good at what she does. When the director orders that she return from helping Eve, Agent Venable bravely explains why that is not possible. The Director orders him to go and find Catherine, help in any way to expedite matters really not caring if they find Bonnie’s killer just hoping to get Catherine to complete the assignment he needs done. But, the ties between Catherine and Eve are strong and Joe has just recovered from a serious injury and nothing will stop Eve this time from bringing Bonnie home.

As the story continues they find Gallo and Catherine in New Orleans, trek through the fog, the bayou and filthy terrain in order to capture a killer. But this killer is too slick, too fast and is always one step ahead of them even after being wounded by Gallo. Yet, Joe feels that Gallo did not want to really wound this guy, hesitated and could have cost Catherine her life. She disagrees and he does everything in his power to convince her Joe is wrong. So, why does he keep leaving and going out on his own? Just how much of what he says is true and can they really trust him? But, Catherine saw the killer and hopefully with Eve’s help she can recreate a proper sketch of this man’s face. Did Gallo know Bonnie’s killer and did he really dream about Bonnie when he was thrown into a Korean prison? How much of what happened to him is fact and how much is fiction? Bonnie by author Iris Johansen is the final chapter in the trilogy to finally bring Bonnie home.

As Joe goes along with the police and a forensic team to get prints from a truck they stumble upon a murder leading them in a whole new direction. Asking the right questions Joe learns about an alligator farm and the end result is more than anyone expected. Scuba gear stolen the caregiver thrown in as alligator food and the end result is they are no closer to finding the killer until Catherine’s memory triggers a description that sends Eve back in time. As she recognizes the face in the sketch and links it to Gallo’s past she recounts her meeting with this man but still not getting the answers she needs. Gallo disappeared, Joe and the police are working on pushing for the forensics report and Venable is about to show up to take charge of one dead Thomas Jacobs. But, just what is Gallo up to and why did he once again leave when things were just about to heat up between him and Catherine. Is Joe’s assessment right? Is he part of the reason why Bonnie is dead? What will they find out next and will Eve ever bring her home?

Once again author Iris Johansen takes the reader on a huge roller coaster ride with many dips into the murky waters of the New Orleans Bayou, alligator farms, heavy fog to find a killer that does not seem to want to be caught nor can even the best in the field find. Keeping the reader spellbound and hoping to find the answer to the one question in reader’s mind: What really happened to Bonnie and are we going to find out? Will Eve ever have closure? Even if I find out the answer I won’t give it away. You have to read the entire trilogy to find out for yourself.

Things become tense and Eve goes out for some air and Bonnie pays her a short visit one which would enlighten her to the events that might come and would change the complexion of how things are going to play out.  Eve decides to strike out on her own with Gallo leaving Joe and Catherine to hopefully follow but at a distance. Bonnie warns Eve about the two levels of her existence and that although she is allowed to come and see her certain information is still blocked and she is coming closer to remembering her killer and what happened. The rest and what happens still remains to be seen.

One man’s mind is haunted by demons and another is trying to find him and the answers to what happened to Bonnie. Leads are coming in but no one can find the killer as he looks for absolution from a priest and yet is he really the one responsible for Bonnie’s death as the plot heats up and the mystery continues. One priest bound by his oath and one man who confesses the truth and has to fight off his demons. As Eve and Gallo close in on one man will Catherine and Joe get there first? As Bonnie slowly reveals some of her past to Eve will the truth ever come out or will it remain inside of Bonnie forever?

Eve gets really close and comes face to face with the man she thinks might have killed Bonnie while he holds someone supposedly dear to him hostage. How this all plays out you won’t believe. What happens to each one is not directly under their own control and will Bonnie enlighten Eve to the truth when she learns it? Catherine, John, Eve and Joe are all on a quest to find the answer to the question haunting Eve for much too long. Is this the end or is there more?

The leads take them to a camp for disadvantaged children. What they learn will send chills down your spine and those working there will hopefully shed some light on the killer and his motive. Wait until you read the twists, turns and surprises that will take you to an ending that you won’t expect. Was the killer found and will Bonnie finally come home? Gripping, tense, unexpected and heartbreaking when Eve comes face to face with the killer, finds out the truth and decisions have to be made and one young girl named Bonnie who touched so many lives and who just might make you smile. What is next for Eve, Joe, Gallo and Catherine? Only the author can decide where to go from here.
 Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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