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LIght Bringer by author Pat Bertram

Prologue to My Review A Unique Introduction: Welcome to the small town in the Colorado Mountains called Chalcedony. Enter at your own risk. Things happen here that will change your entire perspective on life, reality and the outer worlds hidden in our solar system. This town has some very interesting people that you will throughout this novel, my review and get to know. Some will be honest and open others deceitful, cunning, na├»ve and dangerous. Helen Jenks came home to find a young child on her doorstep. This started the chain of events that would span decades and create a story and plot by author Pat Bertram that will send chills down your spine, make you question what you see or might not see in front of you and who and what is controlling your movements, actions, fears and emotions. This town is filled with people who will make you laugh like the old folks that gather to eat oatmeal, play Chinese checkers and discuss world events, money, the economy and life in general. Some came to this town to escape their past and are running from their present. One young woman came here only to find supernatural forces and possibly even spirits living in her new house. Even more intriguing is one young man who claims to have some inner force that drags him inside his car and what happens as a result well you will learn soon enough. Welcome to Chalcedony. Somewhere hidden is a secret about to be revealed. Somewhere there is darkness and soon there will be light. Light Bringer by Pat Bertram: Wait until you find out what this means and more. Welcome to my Review of this outstanding, spelling binding novel from this multi-talented author. Now that I hope I enticed you with my prologue to what is about to come: Enter the town of course at your own risk. But, don’t be afraid to read the review. Did I tell you: Sometimes people disappear in this town and cannot be found.

                  Fran Lewis: Here is my review

Sometimes things happen and they cannot be explained nor does it really matter. Helen Jenks arrives home from work and finds a young child left unattended on her doorstep. Nothing really remarkable or unusual about that because it can and has happened to others as you often hear in the news. But, what makes this child unique will seriously astound and frighten the reader from the start. Should Helen decide to keep this abandoned child or should she make more of a concerted effort to learn her true identity, where she came from or just calls the sheriff? She does the unexpected. She keeps her. Takes care of this precious child and finds out that she has it within herself to care for this small and uniquely gifted child even though she never really wanted children before. As she grow closer to her she learns her name is Rena when asked what to call her and she is no doubt quick to pick up language, increase her vocabulary and endear herself into Helen’s heart. But, what happens next will shock the reader as author Pat Bertram envelops the reader in this outstanding novel Light Bringer.

What if I told you that this child knew where she wanted to be left from the start? What if I told you that she found Helen Jenks and knew that was where she wanted to stay and be cared? What if I told you that a spirit was watching over them and forced them to have to relocate before something tragic happened to them both? What is I told you that this child was super bright, had a very high intelligence level from the start, was able to communicate her thoughts, not speak at first but yet would change Helen’s life. But, one bright and sunny morning something happened that would bind them together. Helen heard someone singing. The song was sad, spoke of loss and maybe even a love that was to be found. The child still did not speak words yet as I stated before related that she wanted to be called Rena.

Fast-forward many years later when this child is no longer a baby but an adult who calls herself Beck Johnson. Coming back to where it all started she decides to rent a house that many think is haunted. Helen is gone and no longer alive. What if I told you that somewhere within this town that she comes to live in is a special secret garden where flowers grow with such magnificent colors that shine so brightly? What would you think? What if these colors make all others pale in comparison?

There is so much more as we now meet a young man named Phillip who is around Rena’s age and who finds himself facing two men claiming to be National Security Agents. Not knowing why they are there he tries to talk himself out of whatever they think he is into by saying they must be concerned with the kind of books he is taking out of the library. Not a very solid argument but what he does next is even more frightening as he lifts his hands, sprays some lemon juice and feels a spirit envelop him and then what happens you just won’t believe. Telling them he would show them what they think they are looking for he does. Philip is then shoved out of his apartment and into the passenger of his car, which seems to be controlling the events that were to follow as he winds up in Chalcedony hoping to find acceptance and a place to stay.

Just how he winds up in this car with an invisible driver has not been explained. Coming to town to stay with an old friend who owns a bookstore Phillip hopes to escape the agents that seem to be chasing him. Seeing Becka he feels an instant connection but each time things seem to be going forward something happens this unusual spirit within him takes over and he winds up almost in another dimension seeing things he’s not quite sure of and then finding himself back where he started again this time in his bed in his friend’s home.

UFO’s do you believe in them well some people do. In this quiet town someone says that they saw a UFO but no one takes the person seriously. Philip is staying with Emery Hill and needs to make an immediate exit from town when this undeniable force leads him back into his car and then back to Emery’s house. Thinking that something has to be related to the books he’s reading, Sumerian cosmology or that their might even be a tenth planet in our huge solar system strikes for an unusual balance in a really unique and well crafted plot. But, what if I told you they think there is life on this planet? Would you believe it?

Explaining to his friend Emery about the sources of the books he is reading he discusses books on UFO’s by George Keeler related to events that happened in the 70’s. But, strangely enough her younger sister appears in town looking for a job, goes to her house and finds it odd that not only isn’t George there but her car door is opened, her purse is on the seat with tons of money in it and her house is unattended. Added to that the books not only deal with UFO’s but people who disappeared from this quaint little town too. Finding that her sister was missing Jane becomes part of the strange occurrences that keep happening to the other characters. Where Philip seems drawn to his car and this invisible driver, Jane can’t seem to leave her sister’s home or town. Some things are meant to happen and some places you are meant to be. Why? That all remains to be seen as Jane finds herself living in her sister’s home needing a place to stay but still hoping to find George. But, the strangest and oddest things have yet to come and to be explained. What about those two men who claimed they were NSA agents? What is they show up and claim to be something else this time luring Jane into their trap? What if they say they are FBI and are looking for Philip who is not what he appears to be but has dealings with a known criminal. 

Then Philip finds his way to Becka’s house, explains his past and his present and then something between them connects. Explaining her life, why she and her mother were constantly on the run, how they created names for themselves, and why he felt drawn to her, is only part of what is about to happen next. Philip stays with Becka and calls her Rena. Finding out about Urshu and this spirit drew then even closer as the author continues to weave the intricate and delicate fabric to create a pattern of events that would fill many squares of a handmade afghan or quilt.

Jane delves into her sister’s disappearance and what she learns is quite unbelievable, remarkable and definitely make her wonder what is really going on in this small town of eccentric and strange characters. Stellar Optics what were they, are they still around and what was behind their projects? Were they really trying to create a space telescope or did they have something to do with Flying Saucers and UFO’s? Why would her sister Georgy’s research for her next book cause them to look at her and possibly be linked to her disappearance? Who are these agents so to speak? Why are they there and why does Keith hear music or see prisms and colors at times? What is the link between Rena/Becka and Philip that keeps drawing them together?

Chester does not see colors but has learned to deal with this problem. His wife died but before he created a garden that would define colors for him, those that saw the flowers there and heard the special orchestra whose music filled the air. The instruments were of different colors and the sound incredible. But, things change when one woman named Teodora comes to this small town and the explanation of who and what is behind everything just might come to light. Philip, Becka and Jane are kidnapped and placed in small rooms or underground installation. Questioned about their pasts, books that Philip had read, symbols of the past and more they begin to link everything together. This book brings to light many theories about physics, astronomy, other planets in the solar system, mythology and science fiction. Luke Martin was concerned about Jane. Getting close to her and not finding her home alerted him that something was wrong. Would the sheriff bother to look for her? What exactly did they want with these victims and what specimens did they get rid of? What does this have to do with cell production or even with life and death.

Lies about what their real motive was, parents who were not who they seemed and many people who would never be the same when all is said and done. Just why did they kidnap Jane. What really happened to Georgy?

Each set of characters seems drawn into the light of different colors, rainbows and pictures. Each depicts their surroundings in their own way allowing the reader to know that somehow they will all come together at one time. What is the great Unknown that no one really understands or knows? What is really going on here and why are so many disappearing? Magic, greed, cover-ups, deceit, secrets, lies and a whole world filled with strange and unusual events. One man says the reason behind everything is weather control. Others feel that there is an underlying plot or reason that no one knows about. The colors are so vibrant when you look at them on the cover of this book. Just where does the light come from and where will these colors take you and how do you they you feel. Do you hear the music? I do! Pat Bertram has once again set the bar really high for mystery and science fiction writers.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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