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Dating Can Really Make you Think!

Check Please…Truthful Stories of Dates Gone Wrong

By Author: Richard W. Wiener

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Dating takes careful planning, practice and in this day and age you might say it has become an art or a full time job to find the right person to even consider going out with or even meeting over the phone. Stacy and Clinton’s show What Not To Wear is the prime example of how to get women and men to look and act appropriately. Now, all we need is a show to help young adults, adults and seniors do the same. Author Richard Wiener has written stories after going on over 180 dates to help the single reader discern Who and What Not To Date and Why? This book is hilarious, filled with short fast paced stories that will keep you laughing, brings tears to your eyes and hopefully teach you some valuable lessons in what to look for before you press send on an email, make that dinner reservation or decide to take that romantic plunge. One disclaimer or Warning: Make sure that you do not drink tons of liquid before reading this book. You will understand what I mean after I relate the first story and explain what happened to Paul when he dated Molly. But, first let me explain that our author, Richard has been widowed since 2007 and having a wonderful and life and marriage he was hoping to find another perfect mate. Here are his stories told from both the male and female point of view. Here is what or whom not to date!

Let’s get started and meet Paul the first guy who learns the hard way who not to date. First of all he went online and met Molly on They went out and had a few dates but something was off. She drank too much but that did not deter him from wanting to see on New Years and have a romantic night. Needless to say all went well and the romance was strong but the end result well. Think about what happens when you drink too much and don’t make it there in time. Poor Paul never knew what flooded him. That’s all I’ll say. Next we meet Alfred and Angie who find each other quite attractive. But, dinner proved to be more than just an expense for him. But, the classic and really hysterical story is story three. The title I won’t give away as Roger and Alice go to dinner several times. Mexican food sets the stage for what happens next. Imagine a loud noise during a romantic interlude. You guess the rest. Some men want to date someone within their age bracket and others really do not care. Ralph met Brenda who claimed to be within his age range. Seeing her photo he emailed her and even used a magnifying glass to enhance the photo before contacting her for their first date. What happens and the end result is some women try to turn back the age calculator but think the correct sum will not be found? There is Debbie whose perception of her was off and whose drinking skills were definitely over the top.

The stories are told from both a male and female point of you in a straightforward conversation tone that will keep you laughing, reading, smiling and definitely taking notes if you’re single to learn the definite don’ts of dating. So many stories gone wrong and of course the check at times for these poor unsuspecting males: Well they should have asked for you it way before they did. This is a definite must read, must have book that will take away the fuss and muss of dating by explaining in no uncertain terms Who and What Not to Do and Date!

Poor Gerry actually met someone that he really liked. Eva was everything he hoped for and lived in a wealthy area and invited him for dinner. Unfortunately, he ate something that disagreed with him and the end result was not really odor free. Poor Gerry had to find a way to escape before anyone realized it was not perfume coming from the powder room. There are so many more stories. Poor Alex who really liked Georgia but what she revealed to him at the end of the date well, you had to be there to see his face when she told him the truth. Some dating secrets cannot and will not be revealed by this reviewer. I really don’t think Alex wants this tidbit to be spread around.

Jeff was desperate for a date for a wedding and was totally unsuccessful with the online community. When meeting Jane at a deli counter who thought he might have a direct hit. Little did he know that the only thing this one hit was the bottle. But, we are not up to that yet. Several dates, the wedding at hand everything in place and what happens during the course of the wedding should make any man weary about any woman who drinks and has tons of pills in her purse. The end result will definitely make you think twice before bringing a blind date to a wedding. So, far all of these stories are from the man’s viewpoint. Wait until you get the woman’s!

What could be worse than having dinner with someone in a filthy home and finding more than you bargain for in the bedroom. As poor Ron learned as he looked around the room and up at the ceiling he made a mad dash for his car and prayed he did not bring any visitors back with him. There is the stalker and then the liars plus those who just get wasted plus the unruly kids which was really so funny. These poor guys were so polite and understanding it is too amazing. But, the funniest story in this part was the one with Jill and Ross and what happens on what was supposed to be an ordinary date to a concert. This one is priceless. Let’s move on Part Two and the Woman’s point of view!

Let’s meet our first male named Bob. Poor Joyce broke her own rule and allowed herself to go to his townhouse after dinner. Well: She got more than just a view from the terrace. That’s all I will say about that. You can draw your own conclusions or your own bare picture. Of course how would react if someone took out their bridge during dinner? The stories are really so true to life and after dating for 8 years before meeting my husband I can honestly attest to the fact that these things really do happen and sometimes the events are worse than ever. You begin to wonder why put yourself through it ever again. Men do strange things on dates just like women. I have to be fair. There is Al who thought show and tell might work. There are those who think nothing of splitting the tab. Then, there are some who are just plain rude.

Looks matter when dating and you cannot say that it does not go both ways. Men want to date women that are great looking, have great bodies and women want men that are attractive and appealing. Some women lie and men do too so when author Richard Wiener relates the stories from the woman’s viewpoint and having experienced some dates blind ones but never online and similar if not worse than those described you have to wonder why anyone would go through this torture just to meet a guy or gal and go on a date. Dates from you know where are definitely not uncommon. So when poor Liza meets Vince and gets stuck with more than just half the bill you wonder why these women do not speak up. All of the stories are hilarious, true and definitely will give the dater much pause for thought. If I could give a book more than five stars it would be this one. You can be sure that when I announce my picks for this month this one will be at the top of the list. Faye is our total heroine. Blind dates you need to be really careful and warning when they do not give want you to come over to their homes or never give you their home number who might want to do what she did and hire an investigator. You won’t believe what she does to Get Even and how the story ends. I could go on and tell you more about their horrific dates but that would ruin your fun reading these stories for yourself. You could not make this stuff up nor did the author. These are well written told in a conversational tone. You almost feel as if you are on the dates along with these unsuspecting people.   From liars, to cheaters to self0 absorbed this book has it all. Author Richard Wiener brings to light one very basic question? Why do you put ourselves through it?    Everyone needs a companion or most need one. The warning signs are all there. The evidence has been presented and the verdict is in: Check Please and Hurry is definitely a best seller and a great resource for Who and What Not To Date. This book would make  a great reality show and definitely give daters a strong wake up call.

I never give stars that is so ordinary: I give Richard: FIVE PERFECT LAST DATES: HOPE YOU FIND HER SOON. You deserve the best!

Fran Lewis: Glad she does not have to date anymore: Reviewer

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