Monday, January 30, 2012


Deep Screams

Author: G.R. Holton

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Everyone needs a safe place to live. But, what would happen if the Earth as we know it was no longer inhabitable, too overcrowded and our daily existence questioned? What would happen if groups of people were chosen to find another place or another Earth for people to live? What would happen if the places they found were dangerous, deadly and would put lives at risk? The crew of Omega Space Station and her crew have been commissioned to find another planet to replace Earth. Able to reconcile their differences they set off on this task hoping to find a replacement for Earth. But, what they find will forever rock the inner core of their ship and when they finally land you won’t believe what happens as author G.R. Holton takes Science Fiction to a whole other level.  

As the team prepares to go out of their Solar System and make history the Commander gets married, the probe brings in little in the way of life forms and the crew seems to be in getting themselves in place but then something strange happens after being on their mission for over 6 years. The head navigator Chou sees a strange cloud out in space about to overtake the ship. Sending one of their engineers to repair it should have been routine. But, this is space and what is found out there is not what you would have found 100 years of years before. As engineer David Simpkons makes the repairs the red cloud envelopes him preventing him from being able to reboard the ship into safety. When he does he is covered with red dust and particles that for some reason are not totally removed upon reentry. Resuming his duties a strong headache overtakes him and the events that follow alert the Commander and the Doctor that something serious is wrong with David. When the doctor does his primary exam a red particle falls on him causing him to fall prey to some of the same symptoms as David. David goes to his quarters, begins to see things, screams deep within him and the end result is horrific, as one man cannot control his actions and takes his own life. When the suicide comes to light we begin to realize that something dangerous and awful, namely spores imbedded themselves within his brain and the horrors and screams have just begun. There is much more that remains to be seen as the Doctor too just might fall prey to this too.

As the Commander tries to assess what is really happening one man goes on a murderous rampage. The spores infected his brain, delusional, demented and dangerous the Doctor cannot be stopped as the spores overtake his mind and body and the end result you won’t believe the deep and loud screams that went unheard. When the coalition finally realizes that something is wrong and the Omega Station is running on autopilot what will be their next move? Should they send more people to investigate? Should they send another crew? What happens next you have to read for yourself and the events that transpired before are so graphically depicted, violently explained that you feel as if you are there with the victims and can see the evil face and hear the shrilling laugh of one sick doctor. But, the spirits of one man named Simpkons and one Doctor just might haunt this ship forever.

Then it is decided to send another crew from the Argo to investigate what happened to the crew on the Omega Station and hopefully get it back on track. As the crew is assembled and you meet the new cast you learn much about them but they have no idea what they are about to encounter. Meeting the new crew you learn about the relationship between the Commander and the Doctor. You also learn that there is no love lost between the Commander and his new Captain. But will their past relationship hamper their mission? Why is this being kept a secret and what will the end result be?

The crew is ready the training completed and the mental and physical exams prove everyone fit. The weapon’s training is done and all qualify and the next step is to begin the mission. Only the navigator and the commander remain awake the first nine months of the mission while the rest are asleep in stasis chambers the doctor awakened first. Next Kellog and Saunders when a problem is realized and they are headed for an asteroid belt. Will they survive and go through it or lose more time and go around? As the decisions are made, the General informed they begin to bear down and hopefully will make it through. But, in the back we learn more about Dr. Piers and the Commander and the relationship they hope to rekindle when all is said and done.

When the team that is awake finally gets past the asteroid and the rest of the crew is awakened the next step is to find Omega. Assessments and calculations must be made and there is no room for error as the crew and both teams work together to get the job done and hopefully find the missing crew. But several things go wrong and one Corporal is injured but for the most part the mission seems to be going well but they have yet to find out what really happened to the crew and as the title states there are many more Deep Screams that will be heard.

Author G.R. Holton takes the reader on a ride in space filled with bumps, the unexpected, space exploration and the feeling that you are right there with these men and women trying to find this missing crew and hopefully a new home for humans to inhabit. The author also brings to light what happens when two men put aside their differences to work together for the common good. Protocols followed, procedures outlined and one Commander Named Derrick on the line for the entire mission. What will be the fate of this second crew? What will happen when they learn the truth and will the ghost of the doctor haunt them? Is Vlasizk really dead? What about Simpkon’s spirit?

When the connections are made and they find Omega the site they behold will stay with them forever. But, there is no time for remorse, reflection or dealing with the deaths in an emotional way as one young Specialist fall apart for a short time, and the rest of the crew rally around to get the jobs done. The General states that the Earth Coalition wants the crew of the Argo to become the new crew of the Omega and continue the mission to find a new planets for humans and they will remain in space for at least 15 years in order to get the job done. One general that seems to be more concerned with the mission than the crew and leaves no room for questioning his authority or his command as the Commander of the new Omega and the Captain and his security team take on different roles.

The vision of the dead is nothing compared to what the author has in store for the Omega crew or is it those deceased whose work has not been completed and whose message to the new crew, well they have their own way of transmitting. As Specialist/Navigator Kellog needs some rest, the Commander is returning to his quarters and Lieutenant Saunders about to retire for the night, each experiences a different kind of coldness, apparition or strange feeling. But, what about Nurse Long? Who locked her in the refrigerator and would not let her out? Just what or who has taken over the Omega just when they think they might have found a new planet? The end is definitely close at hand but the result and what happens just might make astronauts think twice about signing up for another mission.

As the mission continues some see things, others experience dangerous situations and two spirits will not rest. One needs to be sent off into space and the other has taken over more than just the ship. What happens as the end you just won’t believe as the haunting continue, the strange occurrences frightening and the Deep Screams: Well: You decide if the danger is over. Author G. R. Holton brings a touch of Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5 and his own brand of Science Fiction in this unique novel that will make the reader wonder: Just what is in outer space and do you we really want to find out? Will the Omega crew survive?  How they try to solve the problem and rid themselves of the spirits? I can’t tell you that! You need to read if for yourself. Will they ever finish their mission? Paranormal or Para Evil?  What’s next? Only the author knows that and he is keeping the next mission a secret! World Castle: You have a definite winner here!
Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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