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How to Make A Big Bang reviewed by Fran Lewis

How To Make A Big Bang
Authors: Andrew Flambaum and Victor Flambaum
Reviewed by fran lewis

One young girl named Amunet is about to set a chain of events that will rock the world and the fate of those on Earth. Creating a flower, a blue flower, called Ossumia, she hopes to create a new Universe billions of years from now better than ours. As she names the pyramid within it Chaos and the second Divinity, Amunet explains to the reader the meaning of each and how it will impact humanity. Fast forward 14 billion years and meet Alice K. Alice has been chosen to leave her world and join another. She is to live with an alien group and teach them about our world and hopefully us about their world. But, as the imperfections in the blue flower are needed to help create the world Amunet wanted, Alice is about to go on a journey that would end the world, fall down a black hole and hopefully save herself, the cat and one strange parrot her only companions on this journey. Imagine winning a contest and being selected for this special voyage along with a ship that can verbally guide her, named Joe, Alice sets forth, against the advice of many, on this journey. As she realizes the gravity of what happens and the end result she wishes and asks the ship to take her back to see the devastation that occurred when Earth disappears and the sun’s light goes out forever. Can one young human create a new Universe and world better than the one that no longer exists? Will she survive? How to Make   Big Bang? You are about to find out what that means and much more.

Learning more about Alice and voyage learn about the fall of the solar system, the planets surrendering and Alice finding a new home on a planet called Utopia. Sounds perfect doesn’t it. But, when you learn more about the inhabitants and their life you just might not think that perfect is the real way to go and living in a carbon copy society where everyone and everything looks and does the same thing really the perfect life.

Alice and her group encounter Anushol and learn more about Utopia and the lives of those there. Artificial perfection is how they perceive their society and what happens to them and their collapse is no surprise when an inner revolt changes everything and their perfect world crumbles. Moving the story ahead ten more years.

Utopia no longer exists and Alice and her travelers wind up on another planet to be attacked by robots. These robots were placed there in order to create the proper habitat for future civilizations. An inner revolt and a social disturbance added to the fact they wanted to create a perfect human specimen with no imperfections gave way to the end of the Utopians except for one last person in a lone cell. Alice and her group wind up on another constellation filled with strange inhabitants namely robots. These robots are supposed to create an environment for humans to come. The life chain described is really quite unique and the end result remains to be seen. Technology is quite different. Travel not the way we know it and Alice is about to enter what the authors call Dark Matter which according them is hypothetical. Defined in their glossary as 25 percent of the universe’s content with properties of invisibility and transparency including gravity. Dark Matter exists because its gravitational attraction changes the movement or motion of stars and galaxies as Alice learns more about her new world and the mysteries surrounding it. Hence they describe and define the Big Bang Theory, which according to the dictionary means that the universe originated sometime between 10 and 20 billion years ago from a cataclysmic explosion of a small volume of matter at very high density and temperature. This theory is the prevailing cosmological model that explains the early development of the Universe according to Wikipedia. 1] According to the Big Bang theory, the Universe was once in an extremely hot and dense state, which expanded rapidly. This rapid expansion caused the young Universe to cool and resulted in its present continuously expanding state. According to the most recent measurements and observations, this original state existed approximately 13.7 billion years ago, [2][3] which is considered the age of the Universe and the time the Big Bang occurred. (Wikipedia).

How does this relate to Alice and her voyagers well now things begin to change for them as their ship takes on another form, namely human, they meet those behind this confusion and change called the Djinns who take on any form they choose and Saifan seems to be their guide. Now, you should know that Djinns enjoy playing the piano and watching the erasures of the world as a hobby. But, there is much more. Would you believe it if I told you there are millions of these Djinns and they are heading off to war. Dark Matter Saifan tells Alice protects her world from their world. He goes on to explain even more. But, think about this. What would you do if you had all the time in the world to do whatever you wanted? What would you do if your life was or seemed endless? Their weapons are cosmic and their standards are bigger than ours. Boundless ability and infinite time! What do you think? So, what happens when Alice challenges the leader? You guessed it they wind up back on their ship at what you might say square one. So, we begin to think that maybe we think too much, ponder the wrong thoughts and never think out of the box. Alice carried with her a photograph from the previous year and saw herself before all of this changed her life and her as well. Sometimes one glance in a picture is all you need to make you realize you are not the same person. Poor Alice and her travelers are now trapped on the rim of a black hole with no sun and no solar system in sight. Alice is no longer part of the human world. How would you feel if you were now considered an Alien with no real home or place to go. Amunet and Keku warned her. The Djinns ejected them. Where would they go next and what will happen when the cosmic journey filled with scientific facts and a glossary of terms at the end of the book takes this group on an adventure of more than a lifetime.

Using the right words is not always easy and as Alice learns she needs to learn more than just about the cosmos and the universe as she meets Sytus a captain in the titan army and embarks on another journey. Learning what they do and how they materialize is quite fascinating. Trying to explain her plight and the part she played in the extinction of earth and the solar system more complicated. From the cosmos, to neutrons to the planets and the way the world and universe work this book gives the reader more than just a unique plot and novel but a total cosmic journey too. So who will prevail: the titans or the djinns? So, how does a universe get destroy? What happens to the djinns? What finally is the fate of the Titans and what do you rule? Absolutely nothing: Just one book cosmic graveyard: That is the end of the Big Bang at least for now as the travelers need to find yet another place to live.

Poor Alice finds herself in a cemetery and realizes the headstone is hers. A news article in a planetary paper tells of her untimely death. A dream that she has would connect all of the stars you might say as Alice takes trip back to her classroom, learns more about the past and they find themselves in a prison in Xakoxe with a jailer named Zyxler.

Alice, Mara and Meowhugs meet many along the way in many different universes, wars fought, some won and the end result will find them not where they expected to be. No giant planet but in a field of asteroids. As Keku and Amunet come back into the picture we find out he has to go to their version of summer school for doing a project that did not come out the right way. Amunet has a more pressing problem, as she now has to take a class in Manipulation the one word that applies to all that happens in this novel. Poor Amunet who started the entire chain reaction at the beginning finds herself front and center facing a difficult situation. As Alice learns and so does she it is not your career, your job performance or confidence that matters or will get you ahead in life. You need to be deceitful, manipulative and everything she is not. Liars win according to do this teacher and Amunet is going to pay the price for defying her as she pits her against her best friend Keku in a mind game. The price is too high for her as she chooses her own fate. Will someone come to her aide? Examining her own Universe she finds a note form someone that might explain it all. But what happens in class the next day will definitely give you pause for thought. What does happen in class? Find out when you read it for yourself. Just where do Alice and the travelers wind up you won’t believe it? Will Amunet figure out a way to save her and her friends? This book brings to light what happens when different worlds collide, different groups of people cannot get along and the Universes as we know them collide and only some will survive. Alice retraces her past, sees the future and understands the present but what will happen to her? Who are the creators and what does she learn when she meets Amunet? Manipulation: Deceit, Truths, friendship and fear! Which wins out? You decide after reading this book and the starling ending. One thought provoking book. One Alice! Two authors that bring to light so many issues about life, the Universe, the cosmos and survival of the fittest and true friendship. A cosmic journey in print better than Star Wars, Star Trek and Babylon 5 that will send the reader wanting more and hoping the authors will continue the journey.

Fran Lewis: reviewer

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