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The Quaker State Affair

The Quaker State Affair
Author Dan Romain
Reviewed by Fran Lewis

One lone technician on loan from the University of California working in a facility in Los Alamos is about to pull off a daring feat right under the eyes of the man in charge of the facility and many others. Computers down again. Work halted and the end result everyone was sent home until this one technician can fix the problem. The parking lots at this facility had very few cars. Children were sent home early from school and the changing winds caused numerous forest fires and the population living there was told to stay indoors. Just why and how this will come into play you just won’t believe as this one technician, right in front of the eyes of the guard on duty, and with his assistance pulls of creating a duplicate disc with encrypted information with nuclear weapon targeting protocols. But, there is much more. This technician was never to be seen again. Let’s go forward and maybe I can clarify some of this for you.

Washington, D.C. and the Secretary of Defense have been called to a meeting along with many others to the National Reconnaissance Office Headquarters. Entering with Special Agent Connie Barlow what they see and learn will send shockwaves throughout the world and definitely a message to all Americans.

As the events unfolded and the situation became clearer what the Secretary of Defense sees and learns from the Director of the NRO and his staff will shake the world. One reporter standing against a smoke filled background trying to report the events as she learns them. One oil refinery has exploded. Seventy-five gallons of gasoline produced there within a 24 -hour period. CIA intelligence reported that satellites are monitored in space. But, what they see on the screen is much different. One Chinese Ying 1 satellite just what did it do? One strong message to the world. This particular satellite emitted an energy pulse. This particular energy pulse passed right over the facility and its target. That thing was not was a weapon. What they said it was something connected with information technology warfare. Stating that these impulses set off a chain reaction of “the refinery’s mixing stations,” causing the blast. But, that was and is not the message. The message is in when this blast occurred: The time it blew up: 911.  You can figure out what that means. Imagine if the Chinese decided to blow up a refinery in Taiwan. It started out at 900 and remained there for 11 minutes. The explosion happening precisely at 911 our time. A strong message from the Chinese: Dare you to intercede or interfere. You figure out the rest.

When the situation is explained the players realize that there is much more to this than they realize. The Quaker State Project is what this event is really about and the underlying ramifications to what this project unleashes and can unleash is frightening. Imagine being able to send an energy impulse towards and object and not only destroy it but anything electrical in its wake. What would happen if all of our cars did not work, buses not operational, no more lights or electricity, power plants in jeopardy, nuclear plants in danger of emitting radiation and life, as we know it would no longer exist? Imagine going back to square one or even before colonial times. What would happen to the world and what is the primary purpose behind all of this?

One man named Patrick Mc Daniels just might have the answers. Nobel Prize Winner, nuclear physicist who ran the program gave it the name Quaker State but who left under not such great circumstances. Would they be able to convince him to help? What would the forensic report show? The team being sent was told to remain totally under the radar- unseen or really not there. What will the President say when the Secretary of Defense fills him in? This is one novel that will definitely give the reader more than must a little pause for thought. As I continue my review of The Quaker State Affair one novel that you won’t be able to put down until you find out where and when the last bang or explosion will take place.

Those that have been to Pennsylvania Dutch country know that the Amish live a much more basic and different life than we do. No electricity, computers, technology, no lights, cars or any form of running water the Quakers, Amish and Mennonites would definitely be able to survive his type of holocaust. Therefore, the reason behind naming it the Quaker State Project. But, there is still much more to learn and much more to come.

The reader gets to know more about Patrick McDaniels his relationship with one Professor and his beliefs regarding China his thoughts for its future. As he expresses what might really be happening the President and his staff are planning for something else. What would happen if we returned one big explosion with another? What would happen if in order to teach China a lesson and in the name of preserving our environment we blew up one of our own satellites? Would that send the message we want? Let’s not forget our IT Technician who is not out of the picture as yet but does have the original disc. Is he done yet?

As Benjamin and McDaniels commiserate on his boat something happens to change everything and his perspective on not wanting anything to do with what happened in China. Agent Barlow with a shove from Benjamin convinces him to become involved and hopefully find a solution. Conducting revolutionary energy research and not wanting anyone to be aware of it and being sent away by the government and his help or silence paid in gold. Just how valuable is this man and whom can he really trust?

As the plot thickens and it does we learn about the connection between energy and Salt and how salt was valuable to preserve fish, meats and other foods until electricity came about. Hence, let’s remember the Amish.

The end result is that the forensic team found nuclear material along with electronic parts that could be used to make bombs. As the President speaks to the nation and the world it is apparent that someone other than the United States planted that bomb in Taiwan and that whichever group is behind it there is much more to this than has been revealed. If you take this from the actual headlines and read what really did happen you would know that computer discs were reported missing in June of 2000 in an article in the times and in March of 2008 the Times reported what we learned in the prologue of this book. Chilling to say the least but true.  Let’s just say by the time Mac hears what they have from the sources provided what they thought they had or saw was not exactly what everyone expected as he reveals the chilling truth. Could the whole thing have been a theatrical presentation orchestrated by the Chinese themselves? But the message we sent to the Chinese would come through loud and clear and now the games begin and who wins and loses still remains to be seen.

But, China rebounds back and has decided to no longer support the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. What will happen to our economy and what will happen if our paper currency is not worth the paper it is printed on? What happens between China and America plus what kind of a game is the President playing and what happened when Mac found out? You won’t believe the startling revelations, the deceits, lies and even more the bone chilling results as two countries play a dangerous game equal to that of Russian Roulette. What happens when China pulls out of IMF? Just wait and see!
Wait until you hear what the United States has in store to counteract the Chinese. What would happen if we decided to go to a gold standard? How the plan is outlined, what it would mean and how the Federal Reserve would survive you need to read for yourself.
From Social Security to retirement plans to the price of oil, everything will be affected but it’s how you just won’t believe.

As several officials disappear, one young man receives a disc, the President of China speaks you won’t believe what happens and the end result you won’t believe. What happens when there is no Internet, phones, gas, food supplies and not banks? What happens when China executes her plan? This is one ending and one novel you won’t want to miss. When countries are brought down and one financial Empire loses everything will one man do something to safe the United States? Read The Quaker State Affair and find out for yourself.

Characters that are right out of today’s headlines and actual headlines many people probably did not really think about. What would happen if this story came true? What is next for the United States? Will this author bring Mac back? One outstanding novel. One thought provoking novel. 911: that’s when it all began. America needs to stay alert. This is one book what will definitely give everyone a big wake up call.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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