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Mr. Glamour
Richard Godwin

Beautiful Can Be Dangerous

Many target the rich and wealthy just because they have money and others because they want what they have. Some pay heavy prices for being in the public eye and others just because they are glamorous and filthy rich. The world of fashion is exclusive to some who can afford the better designer labels. Knowing the ins and outs of fashion is not easy and those that are privileged to learn the inner secrets of this year’s latest designs are truly fortunate. One man calling himself Mr. Glamour is a fashionista to say the least. A killer with great taste in design.

Larry Fornalski had one enemy too many but his wife Martha states he was a perfect husband and businessman. Benjamin Miller lives in a sterile environment cleansed and sanitized by his wife Gertrude.   Benjamin Miller’s life was organized by this woman and even his two children  were programmed into doing the right thing and never interfering with the lives of their parents. Frightening and too stark to say the least. Brian Sampson enjoyed having some side fun in his life while his wife Mirabelle drank away her days and waited for him to come home.

Chief Inspector Jackson Flare and Inspector Mandy Steele were assigned the case. Flare looked almost demonic to most and Steele just learned to deal with him. His strange demeanor, imposing yet distorted face would turn most women off to even being seen with him no less working with this hardcore man.  In between the author shares the killer’s thoughts, choice of weapon and mode of killing. Although graphic and definitely terrifying you actually get to know the killer first hand as if you had a front row seat to a play or the murder.

Sometimes taking the long way around is the right way as Martin Gould was about to learn. One hot night and looking forward to dinner with his wife lots of money heading his way he never saw it coming as he felt something hard and sharp cut through his body. Larry was a solid citizen; Martin seemed to be the same. Could just being rich be the primary motive for the killer? Added to the bizarre turn of events the killer branded the victim with the letter B and used a knife to cut his Adam’s apple forcing him to eat it.

Black velvet from head to toe as the author gives the reader just a brief glimpse at the killer who will become known as Mr. Glamour. Each piece of his attire precisely matches and every movement perfectly orchestrated. Everything in its place and yet not so really perfect as the killer filled with hate and distain take a waxen figure of Christ and destroys it. The killer’s thoughts present at the start of each chapter where he reflects upon his feelings for humanity.

Gertrude Miller is married but does not feel the same affection for Ben, as he would like. Almost like a wooden or stone statue their bedroom time is mechanical and cold. Martin Gould is dead the mode of mutilation not the same as the first victim but nonetheless lets the police know that our killer’s work is not done. As the investigation moves ahead the police have no real motive for the killings yet it seems apparent that rich businessmen, lawyers and those in the limelight are the chose victims. Added to the mix is one sick and perverted photographer who enjoys debasing his women and his subjects.

Flare is a really brutal man whose characteristics are quite distinct. One side of his face is normal while the other permanently scarred and disfigured, as is his personality. One side of him Dr. Jekyll and the other definitely as mean and dangerous as Mr. Hyde. Why is this killing targeting those who love glitz and flamboyancy? Why the Glamour Set?

Not able to score because his favorite prostitute is out of town and on vacation Brian Samson goes home. Let’s meet Paul and Max who might give the reader some glimpse into the world the world of glamour as they discuss the murders, the victims and their wives. Just who they are and how they fit in still remains to be seen as Martha and Sandra lunch and commiserate about their being widows and they ponder what to do with their new found wealth. Martha and Larry’s relationship was anything but picture perfect. Larry was a cruel and mean man but rich. Martha enjoyed the material things she just did not enjoy Larry. Sandra and Martin’s marriage was not what you would see the lens of a camera you would want to have copies made of. Both women widows would now be able to bask in the sunshine of wealth both women being watched. Gertrude Miller was not what she seemed to be. Her true character and her true persona hidden behind the walls of her cold and stark house yet when enticed and compensated she is someone else. Just what she does when found out will definitely startle the reader and make you wonder just how manner killers are there and who is behind the serial killings and why. Camera: Take the picture. What do you see in the window of the lens? The frightening images and the events will definitely keep the reader on edge as author Richard Godwin takes you deep inside the mind of a serial killer who is definitely quite unique, different and more than just dangerous. Lights, Camera and Shoot!

But, the murders are not exclusive to our killer there are others that take place for various reasons. Brian Samson wants anyone but his wife. The killer speaks and explains his reasons for destroying what so many see within the mirror. But, his face still remains masked and a mystery. Martha Fornalski and Sandra Gould we find death the same way so many other victims did. But, the killer was far from done as he decided to kill a model and several more branding them, mutilating them and carrying away a body part for his own special collection. Reenter Paul and Max two close friends whose wives have secrets of their own. One friend who spills information that might cost another his freedom and life making the reader wonder just, which one of these men might be the killer or is there more than one? Flare relieves his childhood and his disfigurement in his mind and seeks revenge on the man who inflicted the pain. But, someone beats him to it. Steele has an inner desire to explore her own fantasies and just what her secret is might bring the killer to her doorstep too. The past becomes Steele’s present and memories come flooding back but that does not stop her from moving ahead with her own special agenda.

A tormented killer seeks revenge on anyone that comes in the way. A memory and person from the past pays for what was done as a child. Many others are killed before all is said and maybe not so done. One killer who takes body parts as trophies of his work and possibly much more and one who takes pride on keeping things neat and clean. Just what will happen next and will they ever put the two cases together and catches the killers?

Glamour, money, fame, acceptance and entry into an exclusive club were what one killer wanted. Just who was preparing body parts for dinner and who ate them in order to be empowered with the mind, body and more of the victims you won’t believe it if I told you. Mr. Glamour is out there and you do not want to find out what happens when meeting this deranged killer. The reason behind the murders more than frightening and the fear in Steele’s eyes when confronted with her own truths bone chilling. More than one killer and several motives for murder. Rich, famous, above the rest, enjoys the finer things in life, not just women but men too. Who paid the price for loving the rich life and who if anyone was spared? Mr. Glamour can and does enter the mind of anyone. Just who and will anyone be next only author Richard Godwin knows for sure and of course Mr. Glamour. Beware before looking in the mirror: Images are deceiving. This is one outstanding novel written by one amazing author. Characters that will give you nightmares when you are awake and asleep, a killer so diabolical you might want to exam what you eat before eating it, and another so deranged reality is gone for good. What is next? Detective Steele and Detective Chief Inspector Flare have just started I am sure there is much more to come.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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