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Deadly ,com


 Author: Cindy McDonald

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Just how far would you go to meet a hot man? Just why do some women resort to finding a man online? Why do others log on to sites that are not secure and chat with a total stranger in a suggestive way? Imagine a gorgeous man hoping for your company and you take the bait just by looking at a picture posted on his website. Women are often lured into the den of men who prey on their weaknesses and vie for their attention. These men, as you will learn more about the one that this story centers around, are often homely, not well bred, ugly, fat and definitely not what anyone would want to date. Online dating can be dangerous and entering the chat room and having a conversation with a picture can lead to events that you might live to regret. Acceptance and understanding are two simple words with multiple meanings. George Smuts is a mean and cruel person whose existence is limited to working as a jockey agent and whose appearance rebels most people. George Smuts is still a human being and no one likes to be rebuffed. George is a clever man who created an alter ego for himself in order to get the attention from women he so greatly craved.

Kate West is a flirt. She enjoys logging on to a site called My Town to chat with a man known only as Georgio. But, just who is this man? What does he really want? Kate West is a veterinary assistant at Westwood Thoroughbred Farm. George Smuts is the man who created this alter ego for himself hoping to finally have a shot at Kate. But, George is anything but what his picture shows on a site called My Town and the whole persona he cleverly invented for himself is false. Many women log on each day just to get his attention including Kate’s ex-sister in law Ava West. Cyberspace is where George feels hot and sexy. In cyberspace you can create any persona or image you want others to seen. Women like Ava and Kate who vie for a man’s attention find him mysterious and exciting. Some even get instant gratification just from chatting with these men.

 Jose Desouza is one of George’s jockey clients and his meal ticket.  As his agent he managed to get him the races that would bring him a lucrative commission. But, Jose is a drunk and Mike West, the man in charge decides to go with another jockey to represent his farm in an upcoming big race.  Doing his best as his agent did not seem fruitful for George. George is really despicable and most people at the farm ignore his presence as if he is invisible. No one acknowledges George even when he is standing right in front of him or her. It’s like an invisible shield is around him and no one really sees or hears him. George Smuts whose mind is filled with hate, rejection and voices will ultimately change everything for this family. Not wanting to lose two commissions he has lined up George is more than angered when told his jockey would not ride in a big race. One more to go and things would definitely not turn out great and his career as an agent for jockeys would disappear. George won’t take defeat in his job or in his quest to win Kate.

 George is fired by Mike and puts a plan into motion that would not only bring down the entire West family but raise that shield of invisibility. George never did anything to countermand what others thought about him. George hears voices.  Many times he tried to shrug it off but the dominant voice in his head was relentless and would not.  

Using the Internet as his venue George hopes to attract the attention of Kate West and many others in order to inflate more than just his ego. Logging on to the site My Town Kate has many conversations with Giorgio and one that will cost someone his life.  Taunting Giorgio even more each time she logs on not only fuels his anger ignites his plans for revenge. Ava becomes his first victim only to be followed by Mike and Kate. Just how this happens you won’t believe as author Cindy McDonald weaves a web of lies, deceit and hate as we hear the inner voice of one man names George who justifies his actions to himself and only wants to be recognized by others and make his mother proud.

Eric West is the patriarch of the West Family and prides himself on running a tight family business. Rebuilding it from scratch and reviving Westwood Thorough Bred Farm is his life. His three children, quite different in personality yet loyal to the business handle many situations in different ways. Two sons whose personalities are highly volatile and one daughter caught up in her own world and the web. Mike and Shane can’t seem to agree on anything and their explosive personalities put their horses in jeopardy and lives in danger.

Chaz Derringer is the new announcer hired by Eric West to call the races. Misconceptions, lies and betrayals can often lead to dangerous situation, as Chaz Derringer would find out. One man’s lies would bring down more than just Chaz as George finds it necessary to end his life. But, that is just the beginning of his reign of terror as he confronts Jose and decides to eliminate him too. When Mike West walks in on the entire scene, sees what George has done to Jose why does he wind up in jail? What happens next is terrifying to say the least as the author relates a story that will bring more than just chills down your spine but an electrifying result.

Detective Carl Lugowski is assigned to the case and finds himself in the middle of more than just one murder before all is said and done. Enamored with Ava and hardly being able to see straight when she is around he finds himself caught up in more than just the web of deceit she weaves but a family of people trying to come out on top each in their own way. But, just when you think things cannot get worse wait and see what George does next.

George has set his sites on destroying the West family and begins with Ava. When Mike comes into the barn and sees what is happening he becomes the next victim followed by Kate. Blaming the world for his terrible plight, hearing a distinct voice in his head orchestrating his every move this sick and demented man will not be stopped until he takes out all of his prey.  But, when caught he does not stay locked up very long as he is placed in a poorly run mental institution and manages to escape and here is where the story heats up.

Just what George has in store for everyone you will not believe and what happens when they realize just who is behind the site My Town will surprise the reader? There are many other characters that come into play in this intricate plot. We have Dr. Ben Spears the Vet who works at the farm and is seriously attacked by George. We have Travis Cutler the new horse trainer is not exactly the best person for the job. There are many others behind the deceit at the farm and many whose lies and deceptions fall on deaf ears. George is crazy but very smart. The plan created in his head by the voices he hears are so sick and diabolical you has to admire his brilliance. After escaping from the institution he manages to switch identities with Mike. Just what happens to Mike when he gets locked up will enlighten the reader as to the neglect and abuse that often goes on behind the doors of many mental institutions as we learn by the actions of one doctor.

Family harmony is really not what anyone tries to create yet Shane, the youngest son is about to race his prize filly but many obstacles come his way. Not everyone is what they seem as you will find out. Leaving town to alleviate the tension between himself and his brother, Mike falls prey to George’s diabolical plan landing him behind the walls of the institution. Even the doctors turn a blind eye when Mike protests and tries to set the record straight.

 When the police learn he is missing just who gets brought back to the institution and who is free? Will anyone realize what is really happening at the farm and who else is behind the sabotage of the horses and much more? Betrayals, lies, deceits and one man named George who just wants to be treated as a human being and as a person but has no idea how to go about doing that. One man whose mother has ruled his life and whose voice is never silent in his quest to make her proud.

Just how this plays out might shock your inner core in more ways than one. Where Mike winds up is frightening? Will Dr. Fleming realize the mistake or will Mike suffer the aftershocks? An ending filled with so many twists, turns and surprises you will never guess the outcome even if the race is fixed and you knew the winner beforehand. What finally happens to George only the author knows the answer to that and of course the voices in his head telling everyone to read this book to find out the inner secrets of horseracing, the scary events in a mental institution and why one family needs to learn the true meaning of the word family, loyalty and faith. One book that will bring you directly onto to the track as you enter the world of thoroughbred racing. Before you place your bet make sure you know whose riding. brings to light what happens when cyberspace takes over and you do not heed the warnings before logging on. Better yet: Read the book.  Let’s give this book: FIVE WINNING TICKETS

Fran Lewis: reviewer

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