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The Consuming
Author: Todd Boyer

Jack O’Conner doesn’t know it but his life and entire existence are about to change. Now, it is up to you to decide whether what happens to him are for the better or just a wake up call to recharge his life. You see, he just lost his wife in a serious accident on their wedding day His life is spiraling downhill and he’s feeling hopeless. Max is a demon scout and he has the solution. But, first you need to know how Max is and what he has planned for Jack. Max is not an ordinary man. Now, he is special. He is a demon and a follower of the Dark Lord. You heard me right he follows none other than Lucifer.

Angela, his wife died and Jack were seriously injured leaving him with a permanent limp while walking. Jack needed to find the answers and he felt God had let him down. Max works for Lucifer and has his own take on life’s truths but not quite the same as Jacks as you will find out. Perfect for his demon friend Ike to take over none other than Jack’s body.

Ike is a real life demon. You will find Ike in dark corners filled with gangs and thieves. Jerry Cline was Ike’s vessel of choice at this time. That means, he had taken over his body but now it was time to leave and move on to someone else. When Jerry got drunk and was about to be evicted from the bar where he was drinking, Ike realized he overstayed his welcome in Jerry’s body and before it was too late and the police arrive he needed to leave  as he viewed him for the first time and poor Jerry would never be the same. Telling him about Lucifer and his deal with God and what he was allowed to do on earth would instill fear in anyone. Demons are allowed to manipulate humans but not kill them. Angels would not interfere for 1000 years unless the Demons went back on their word or breeched the contract. Let’s get this straight for the reader before I go on any further. Angels and Demons would no longer fight over the souls of mankind. Next, demons would be allowed to manipulate human lives in to test their faith and beliefs. God allowed this. Free Will. God feels that humans will prevail in the end. However, demons would disagree especially when humans were consumed.

Ike has been doing this for 1000 years too. Let me repeat that Max is his scout who chooses a vessel or human body for him to enter or consume. Trust and loyalty solidified their relationship. Now, Ike needed to move on. Meeting Max was next in order to discuss if he found someone for him to consume. Here is where Jack comes into the picture.

I hope you are following me. Jack could not deal with Angela’s death. Her voice lingers in his ears and mind every night. Angela haunted his dreams and was his life. Poor Jack seemed to have lost his faith. Ike and Max watched him as he slept and listened to his rants and raves as Ike began the consuming. Now, if you are waiting for Ike to ask Jack’s permission you will be waiting forever. Ike does not need his permission to consume him; he just does it because it appears that Jack has lost his faith and that is the primary criteria for being the perfect vessel.

Too late: Jack awakens feeling different and disoriented. He realizes he is no longer at home and finds himself in an empty white room cowering in the corner. Outside of this thoughts and mind is Ike ever present and excited upon the completion of the consuming. But, in the end would he be? Trying to be Jack Ike would learn some of life’s lessons too.

Max greeted Ike and together they talked about demons, their roles and much more. But, poor Ike was off and something did not seem right this time and Max was concerned. Ike too realized that something was not right but neither could figure out what.

A special event planned that evening at a local bar would further complicate both of the demon lives. Meeting one demon that was truly dangerous and not out for Max or Ike’s best interest was Sallick who had an agenda of his own. Sallick approached Ike and explained his plans for him if he agreed. The Apocalypse. Sallick being a demon did not see Jack’s form when Ike entered the bar. Both demons were able to identify each other and what was discussed will definitely brings chills down the reader’s spine and make you hesitate before you denounce your faith in God. Demons are smart and Sallick’s mission was to convince Ike to join forces to kill Lucifer. Garrock sent him. Garrock was their leader warrior and wanted to start the Apocalypse. Garrock might be a warrior demon but Ike was stronger and that is why he was needed to lead. All the compliments and fake niceties would not fool Ike into going against Lucifer. Sallick tried to convince Ike that Lucifer had secrets and hidden truths and that he new things about Jesus that others did not. Garrock wanted vengeance against Lucifer.

Jack is now awake in his new surroundings and although Max and Ike think he has denounced his faith in God and the Father he has not. This is back and not going to help Ike. Remember a prefect vessel is supposed to be faithless. Ike at the moment Jack declared his faith felt different and new something was wrong. Jack was back. Poor Ike. Let’s tally up: Jack One: Demons One: for now anyway.

Author Todd Boyer brings reader inside the world of demons, scouts and one unsuspecting mortal named Jack that would change the definition of “Consuming” for both Ike and Max. Next, the author flashes back to where it all began and how Max and Ike met, Ike’s mentor Michael and his celebrity. He describes the battles in the coliseum and why and how their friendship began and withstood the hands of many years and time. But, something in Max was off and while flashing back to the beginning you learn their back-story moving ahead to the present Max would learn of his friend’s unfortunate fate. While Max forces himself into the present he realizes that Jack has returned as Jack with two mortal friends. But, Max knew he needed to take immediate action even if he had to make a deal with not Lucifer the devil but another one named Sallick in order to help him free Ike from Jack’s body. Things are unsteady for Ike and Jack’s boy did not seem right? Listening to him and realizing that mortals cannot reclaim or retake control Max goes into action to safe his friend.

Once again our talented and creative author brings to light many important issues dealing with faith, loyalty, friendship and trust not just between humans but demons too. Just how far will Max go to protect and free Ike? Will Jack play a knowing role in this and be made aware of what happened? What happens if he learns the truth and finds out he was consumed by a demon? What about his mortal friends and his mortal being? Ike was stuck inside Jack? What is next for them both depends on Max?

Imagine visiting both Heaven and Hell. Imagine being the center of a plot to destroy one and create another even worse. Jack felt not control over his life as he explains it to Pastor Brightly and the reader hears his voice and his words as he describes the beauty of Heaven and the world around him and the horrors of Hell and the visions, demons and beasts that are within it. Jack beings to understand the horrors of Hell and the wonders of life. But, what Max is about to witness you will not believe, as the lies told about Jesus will be revealed and the truths will be witnessed. Max hears the cries of Jesus nailed to the cross and what he learns and sees next will forever change him as he watches him rise and sees him. When Jesus speaks to Max and explains why he has returned and is there he explains he is and why he is there to him. Then, Max learns a hard truth and a wonderful lesson as Jesus explains that the reason for his banishment but that God will redeem and guide him when needed. There is much more but you need to read and experience it for yourself and hear his words as he speaks to Max.

What new gifts were bestowed on Max and why? Ike must find the light on his own path. But, the author takes the reader, Jack, Ike and Max on the same journey and we all hear the voice of Jesus, read the same passages in the Bible and what everyone learns might not be the same but it will renew your faith in God and help each one understand the meaning of what he is trying to say and much more. So, how will this help free Ike or will it? What is the significance of the faith stone that Jack carries with him? Where did it come from and why is it important? Ike and Jack became one and Jack began to revisit Ike’s life in the coliseum, his banishment and his experiences with Jesus and Gabriel. Their thoughts intertwined as one. But, when Sallick approaches Max and says Garrock might have the solution to freeing Ike was it really a solution or a set up to lure him into his scheme against Lucifer. An ending that is quite different than you would expect and two demons who learn some of life’s human lessons as well. Does Garrock win out or does Lucifer? Will Ike be free or will Jack die? What happens when two demons and one human team up you won’t believe or maybe you should. Faith is what it is really about. What is Garrock’s fate and will he defeat Ike? The ending you won’t expect and what is next for these demons you will have to wait until the author writes part two of the Consuming. Just who am I that has narrated some of these events and will state that you should definitely read this amazing debut novel by Todd Boyer: That too remains a secret that I cannot reveal or you decide for yourself.

Fran Lewis is the reviewer: This book gets FIVE WHITE LIGHTS

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