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Chill Run

Chill Run
Author: Russell Brooks

A bullet rips through your shoulder and the pain is excruciating. The bullet although small in size and still capable of doing damage as Eddie Barrow Jr. realizes that his life might be over as the result of the bullet lodged within him. Thinking back on how it all began and why he got involved in the biggest investment scandal in Canada, he flashes back and recounts to the reader where everything started, how it went wrong and why he is about to be placed on a gurney taking him to a hospital.

Eddie has had a hard time and does not have too many options available. Losing his girlfriend, really hitting bottom he seeks the help and friendship of two friends who claim to have the answer to his financial woes. All he has ever wanted it to be a successful author and hopefully land a great book deal with a NYC Publisher. But, in order to succeed on thing Eddie might have to do is compromise more than just his ethics and bare what you might say it all.

Corey his delinquent roommate and his friend Jordyn feel in order to get attention and be on top you just might have to use some creative thinking. But, first he has some unfinished business with his family hoping to make them understand his situation and facing his hardnosed father head on. Quitting school, working at a small bookstore, living from paycheck to paycheck would not enlist the help or support of his parents who felt what he wanted to endeavor was futile. After recounting the above nonsuccesses to him his father explains that he would not help him while writing was his dream and his aspirations were to become a famous author. But, as the tab on a cash register might get stuck and you cannot create or get a total when all of the numbers are supposed to add up neither does what he says to them register yielding a negative solution. But, Eddie has finally come to his wit’s end confronts his parents head on, verbally attacks his sister, Denise and let’s his anger take over. Claiming Denise is one person who would do anything, including compromise her own ethics to get what she wanted and to get people to like her, he explains he wants his own path in life. Reactions are raw and the end result: Exit Eddie. No one moved. Eddie was now on his own but his choice of success and his lack of a job would turn his life in an entirely different direction. Corey’s girlfriend, Jordyn works with high profile clients and with her help she sets him up with the perfect they think airtight stunt that would increase not only his visibility but his cash flow too. From writer to celebrity and starting with wearing solid leather, acting out skits and S&M with the famous person he is planning to set up. But, what actually happens will send him and his two friends on a roller coaster ride with nonstop breaks that will take them all into a world so dangerous, criminal and dark that his life will never be the same. You have heard the expression: I want my ten minutes of real fame! Sometimes what you wish for is not exactly what you get and the end result is quite different and starling.

When Eddie meets his mark and finds his way to room 514 what he expects is anything but what he gets. Thinking he is going to dominate and inflict some pain on a female client he quickly learns the truth, as the client is male. Added to the mix is the fact the client is a well-known political figure who enjoys men and not his wife. When the scene is played and the players are in place what happens will send Eddie into a place he might never recover from. A confession made by the man stating what he has done and his plan to scam the people of Canada and other countries out of millions. But, there is much more to the plan as he confesses who is behind it, the truth about the client investment folders and the fact that he and a friend have been robbing people. Eddie is stunned and not sure what to believe. Confessing to Eddie to have a clear conscience before the Feds find out and the rest just might be history. But, the main action has to unfold. A knock on the door of the hotel would change everything as the client or political figure is murdered. Hiding in the room what he witnesses would send him running for his life.

Trying to piece the scene together for his two friends lands them in front of the police and front and center as the murder suspect. His parents, sister and Aunt Beverly are then approached by the police but from the conversation only his aunt seems to believe in his innocence. But, help comes in an unusual way as they go on the run and hopefully get the answers that would uncover the plot behind the murder and be able to prove it. The links stem from the scam and the documents they wanted to find and uncover would prove it. But, what they get and what they find just might get them all killed since those that are supposed to protect you just might be on the wrong side.  The mastermind behind it was supposed to be the political figure’s friend and the end result will definitely give you more than just a Chill Run down your icy spine. But, everyone is not what they seem and the end result will stun the reader as the lies, deceit and deceptions come front and center and Author Russell Brooks enlightens the reader with real mastermind behind the embezzlement, the falsified documents, receipts and the need to eliminate anyone that stood in their way of big time riches and much more. Cleverly written, definitely keeping the reader on edge until you learn the startling truth and find out if Eddie and his two friends survive, if his parents support his career, who he can trust and who profits.

When all of the guilty parties are in the same room and the truths out in the open what happens will definitely surprise the reader as we come back to the present and learn what happens when Eddie and Corey are both shot. Where they wind up and what their final fates will be? Will Eddie ever write that five star novel?  Just who winds up behind bars, how does the evidence come to light when the killers burn the documents? Will his parents and families ever realized his dream and support him?

The plot might be murder but the underlying themes of friendship, trust, loyalty and love shine through loud and clear. Author Russell Brooks brings to light what happens when one young man is in the wrong place at the wrong time, cracks a big time scandal, figures out with his two friends just who the players are and hopefully will get them before the wind up added to the body count.

Realistic characters and dialogue that fits both the plot and the character’s location plus a touch of French that adds to the spice and the plot, this fast paced novel will keep you glued to the printed page as it did this reviewer who finished in less than two hours because it is that good. Three characters whose lives intertwine, great friends all in financial straits or disaster and who definitely will bring more than must a smile to your face as you get to know Eddie, Jordyn and Corey who are smarter than you think. Wait until you read the ending.

One book filled with the unexpected and the unpredictable as Author Russell Brooks penned a novel that is definitely up there with the best mystery/thrillers.

Let’s give this book: FIVE CHILLS 

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