Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nitt Witt Hill my review

America is one country whose people have opinions about everything. Politicians think their ideas and programs are the best regardless at whose expense it is and whether the poor middle class citizen has to pay for their mistakes. Political consultant, Mark and his sidekick Twain (a dog) take the reader on a journey into the world of politics starting with his meeting with Sarah Palin to answer that age old question that no one seems to have the right answer to: What is wrong with America, how did we get so messed up and way off base and who can we blame other than ourselves. Beginning with a visit to the home of Captain Nitt Witt which by the way is the new name of the proverbial Tea Party according to the astute Sarah Palin, who thinks changing the name to Nitt Witt will give the party more credence and set it on the right track for success. She actually thinks they will be running the party one-day. Think again!
You know that nothing is ever what it seems in the government so don’t be shocked if there are tons so conspiracies, they join and America gets a heavy dose of start thinking before speaking or in layman’s terms Common Sense.

Let’s take a step back and really think about this and put it in perspective but I think we will let Twain tell it:

I might just be a bloodhound but I am smart and quite observant so think about this: Imagine if the Tea Party became the predominant Party in the political arena today! Think if they took on what they consider the prestigious name Nitt Witt Party after the one and only Captain Nitt Witt the man who built his mansion from scraps in a junkyard claiming these things were the “Fabric of America.” Added to that Sarah Palin would like nothing better than to head this party scary to say the least! Stating in her own unique way that we already have tons of Nitt Witts up on the hill who have been Presidents voters really are just not aware or is she saying smart enough to realize that!
My partner Mark Twain is a political consultant and he conducted this initial interview with Palin. He runs his company with me at his side. As the brilliant author of this great book enlightens you the read to the truths, falsehoods and much more about what really goes on inside the minds of politicians sit back and read this honest account. Remember the media has a lot to do with what you learn and what the public hears.
But, there is so much more that I have to tell you as the competition heats up between the Clowns and the Turkeys but let’s now forget the problems with the eggs and why the Really Really Big Eggs left Alaska and crossed to the other side of the road with their chickens so they would not get inspected. But, some say the problem is with the Mime Party because all they do is Mime and say nothing which if you think about it cannot get them in trouble for saying the wrong thing or voicing their opinions. Let’s move on to the two major parties the Clowns and the Turkeys and see where they stand, cluck or blow up toy balloons. The Clowns feel that the Turkeys just walk in circles and they do not respond to you needs. Turkeys are better leaders because let’s be realistic they have their own holiday and have been recognized since the Pilgrims arrived here. Of course the Clowns have their own take on things and feel that they can do much better since they are real clowns. Just read the chapter Those Turkey Candidates and you will get the scoop or the stuffing first hand. Now, if you have read everything carefully you will learn that the problems in this government are all Mark’s fault because now the Nitt Witt’s want control over everything like the leadership roles in Congress, leadership positions in both houses and much more. They even have the nerve to want to run and be in charge of party platform. How selfish is that! Since no one elected them as leaders of the most powerful part in the world they need to know their place. Just what that is I don’t think anyone knows for sure but they can only speculate. The solution too ridiculous to imagine so I think you need to read that for yourself. Their major complaint is that they won’t play fair. Maybe they need a book of rules for fair play and someone to referee or they get a time out!
The 2012 election drew near and naturally chaos broke out with some Republicans becoming Clowns and Democrats joining the Turkeys and the Nitt Witts watching the action from the sidelines. So, our political consultant decided to sit down with the old Tea Party now Nitt Witts to get the scoop on what was really happening according to them. So, what is the new slogan of the Nitt Witt Party: Elect a Nitt Witt and see what a real Nitt can do and of course one of their immediate goals besides reducing spending, cutting the deficits and lowering taxes is to get rid of Social Security and other senior services. You don’t want to know why well maybe you do in case you don’t know according to their source Rick Perry Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. Don’t tell that to a senior!
Just how this all turns out and who wins I guess you will have to learn for yourself but one thing I will tell you is that Obama is quite smart and did outsmart these guys. Find out who wins and what happens to all parties concerned. Just think the party to vote for must might be the Mimes because they have nothing to say and sometimes that is the best way to go! What was to really blame you decide when you read this funny, true in many respects satire that will definitely make you think: Do you prefer Turkey, Clowns or do we already have Nitt Witt’s in Office. Decide when you read this book or better yet meet with the Nitt Witts on your own and decide for yourself. This is Twain and that’s all I got for now!

Fran Lewis: reviewer


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