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Accountable to None: Five Balanced Books

Ashley Fontainne: Accountable to None
Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Defiled, attached, spirit mutilated, raped: Audra would never be the same. A young CPT devoted to her job and about to be promoted to minority partner of an accounting firm, but at what cost. Dedication at what price and at your own risk? Managing partner Olin Kemper had his own agenda in mind when meeting with Audra. The end result a blood-riddled body covered in black and blues, bruises, torn and tattered clothing and an inner being, soul forever raped as well. Winscott and Associates had its own form of sorority or fraternity initiation held in their own backroom. Silence is often golden. Rewards are pricy and others will come back at you and the payment quite dear. Audra will bide her time, make her move just when things fall right into place. Accountable to None is about one young girls journey back into life and how she will make those responsible for what happened Accountable to All.

We meet the man being the rape, Olin Kempler who has no idea what others might have in store for him. Berating and belittling his assistant Gabrielle in public gave him pleasure. Answering him and standing up for herself did more than just anger him. One man with a duel personality hating women, using his company for his own monetary purposes, finagling the books and demeaning his employees gave him great pleasure. Able to take over a business and run it not difficult until CNN catches wind of one of his deals and his whole world just might explode if he is not careful. Remember Audra Tanner? One woman has Gabrielle’s explosion and her attack on Olin placed on a CD to give to the police. But, Audra contacts her and what she has planned for her and some others will definitely bring chills down your spine and allow any man that is abuse and demeaning to not fool with us women. But, first you need to meet all of the players on Olin’s team, how they are linked together, just what kind of a hold he has on all of them and what the end result will be when Audra creates her own team of revenge and attempts to take them all down.

Meet the adulterous and womanizing men who make up the various partners of the firm Winscott and Associates. First the author introduces Kevin who in most circles would never be consisted a male magnet nor anyone that most women would even consider flirting with. But, money, power and position often win out and even the strangest of guys who have nothing more to offer that their bank accounts, ability to help someone get promoted seem attractive. Kevin is smart and has a strong grasp for numbers, check, balances and finances. Working 24/7 was not what he originally envisioned for himself. Now, much older with married children Kevin found himself wondering where it all went. But, one dalliance that is front and center in his mind brought him back to reality as he waits for dreaded test results. Yes, our first player might have fooled around once too many times and now he might have to pay the costly price for his actions as one woman named Miranda seems to hold the cards or shall I say the ledger to balance at the figures in her favor.

Next, we meet Carl whose assistant recaps the incident with Gabrielle for him as Kevin hopes the test results do not come back in Miranda’s favor leaving him with not just another child but possibly more fall out in his life than he needs. Carl’s assistant is his wife’s friend Renee. Save choice. Renee loves her job and is enjoying her account of what went on between Olin and Gabrielle. Carl was not sure how accurate her assessment was and decided he needed to delve into it more and find out exactly what went on. Olin, on the other hand was planning more than just revenge on Gabrielle who seems to be every man’s delight and primary candidate for his major wish lists. Carl needs to divert Renee’s attention from the office gossip and sends her on an all-important errand to buy his wife a new car so that he can focus on Olin’s latest disaster. As he listens to her recount the events one thing rings true and that is Gabrielle’s emotional outburst infuriated Olin, appeared that she was frightened but when confronted away from the office she took him down in a really grand fashion. Next, Robert is a pawn in Olin’s hands. One night out would change his life forever and recalling how Olin bailed him out in class, helped him over the hurdles of certain exams in college allows the reader to know that not just Robert but all of the major players are bound and linked to this awful and diabolical man who is self absorbed, self serving and definitely more Dr. Hyde than Dr. Jekyll as the author states. Revenge is really the key theme in this book Just whether these Teflon men get away with all of their indisgressions and more still remains to be seen, as our Audra has not taken full stage in our intricate plot. Each partner guilty of something mainly adultery, all but Robert whose lies and life would change if Olin divulges the truth about what happened in the back of his truck with Gina. Some men are leeches; some like Robert are followers and some like Owen sociopaths and others like Kevin and Carl ride on the coattails of Olin hoping to come out ahead. Why are all so impressed and fearful of him? What other holds does he have? Why protect him? The firm deals with oil and gas companies some legit and others shady. The returns are coming in and the work is there but Olin seems to be forgetting to sign them. What will happen as a result of what CNN has revealed? This all still remains to be seen as we meet Eric. Eric was the head of the company until Olin managed to take it over. But, that did not stop his involvement or his road to the top. Nicole and Eric are the next two players introduced, as he just like Robert receives a distressing email from Carl as the hammer is about to fall and the pieces will scatter in many directions. Sprigg Oil and Gas sited for its fraudulent audits, now being investigated, license in jeopardy, and SEC sanctions. What else could go wrong? Well: let’s meet the woman who is about to take them all down. As Audra begins to put the pieces together we learn how she managed to hack into the companies computer files, the emails of the partners, video feeds, computer print outs and much more. Making sure that she had daily backups, running the IT committee with employees who had no idea about her agenda Audra with the help of Gabrielle and one police detective waited five years to take down Olin and the rest of our players. Will she succeed? Will they find out who is behind the plot? Who is Gina? Was she really murdered?

Audra meets with one detective and the truth behind her rape and what she plans to do comes out. As they meet to discuss what do to about Olin, she completes hers with the detective. Let’s have Audra explain:
“I told the detective about my rape, what I went through and exactly what Olin did to me. I explained how I preserved the evidence for five years and would hand it over to him. I explained how I discovered the truth behind what happened to Gina and from there the detective ran with it. Getting her file and admitting they had some DNA evidence I came clean with my plan to take the company down. Those that would hand out the packages to each of the partners were in place as I am about to enter the boardroom and meet with the players and put my plan in motion. Gina would no longer rest in the woods as she did for 33 years. Closure for her family. Revenge for many others and me. The best is yet to come. So, stick around there is much more to reveal as Fran Lewis reviews Accountable to None by author Ashley Fontainne. The meeting begins. The players are there and Olin faces his judges and now the fun begins.”

One strong woman would change the lives of many and challenge one man in a way he would never see coming. As Audra enters the room and she commands the attention of those present executing her plan will shock the players, the reader and renew your faith in the true meaning of the word Revenge. Audra, thought to be quiet, and pliable proves to the partners that unless they conform to her demands things will definitely not go their way. With the help of one detective, one agent and her new assistant Olin just might meet his fate. Lies revealed. One murder solved. One family able to learn to the truth but this is far from the end, as you will learn. One woman still haunted by Olin and loyal to him and one man who feels the world owes it all to him and women are not worthy of anything but servicing his every need. Audra’s plan is in place. The players are all present and the end result you just won’t believe. Well: Watch the video feed and see the events unravel for yourself when you read this fast paced book that gives new meaning to the words revenge and getting even. But, the startling ending lets you know there is much more to come when those that think they are not accountable learn that the balance for their deeds is more much than NONE! When the past comes face to face with the present what will happen to the company? Will the players all go to jail? Cooked books, fraudulent deals and much more. What is Audra’s revenge? Ashley Fontainne has just begun to tell her story. There is much more to come. Watch for Zero Balance.

Fran Lewis: reviewer

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