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Nate Rocks the boat

Nate Rocks The Boat

Every ten year old should be like Nate Rockledge. He is smart, resourceful and has a great imagination. Even more he can create a whole world just by using his pens, markers and sketchpad entering a world of super heroes, criminals and even ghosts. Nate is really amazing but just how far will he go to get away from his mom’s really bad cooking? Nate is enterprising and smart as I said and with his sketchpad transforms the real world into Nate’s World willed with many adventures, wild and dangerous feats and of course saving the world from criminals and much more. Just think! He can even stop floods and capture criminals. But, first he has to agree to go to overnight camp even with his pain in the neck and whiney sister Abby along. Six weeks of camp food is a definite improvement over his mom’s cooking. But, poor Nate has to endure a huge party his mother decided to have right before they were leaving for camp and what happens at this party just might make things a little difficult for our super hero.

Nate is on his way to the school bus when he sees two famous television stars that entice him to be in their show. The author draws the reader right into Nate’s imaginary world when he is cast in a role and is able to pull off these dangerous scenes and then wakes up in his bed as if the whole thing never happened. Or did it? But, like a said poor Nate tangles with Lisa Crane and is forced into a game of horseshoes and the end result: Ouch! That’s all I will give away.

But, the family leaves for their road trip to deliver Nate, Tommy and Abby to summer camp but not before Nate saves the day when two teens come into the restaurant where they are eating lunch and hold up a kid for his video game. Just imagine our Nate capturing a jewel thief single-handed handing him over to the FBI. Nate more than Rocks!

Nate’s adventures have just started as he enters the camp, meets the counselor, saves the camp from a terrible flood, patches up the boat and everyone arrives in one piece. But, when reality sets in Nate and his fellow Hawks, (that’s his group name) have the fun of kitchen duty. Serving is not that bad but his sister, Abby; well she can be a royal pain. But, Nate gets hurt playing kick ball but not before he saves someone from a getting bitten by a rattler. Each time Nate creates a drawing his imagination draws him into an adventure that most kids would love to be a part of and some grownups too. Color War is next and wait until you see what happens when the teams are chosen and the games begin with the Scavenger Hunt where Nate once again saves the day. I bet you want to know how! All I will say is something happens and there is danger in the water and I will say no more. You are going to have to join Nate to find out for yourself. Better yet you might offer to help him.

Let’s find out what Nate is going to draw next and his next adventure after the hunt is completed. Winning and losing some games and let’s not forget the camp bully No Neck is right there to stir things up. Believe it or not they even have a Leaderboard just like Dancing with the Stars to see who is ahead. So, very cool at that. Now, where is Nate’s team? They are the WHITE Team and let’s see how they did. But, before the end of color war Nate would be embarrassed, save the camp from a bomb and hopefully not bomb when they said their cheer. Who wins Color War? Cannot tell you that or just why this team won but let’s just say that some people will be taught some great lessons in humility and fair play when all is tallied up and done on the Leaderboard. His Father arrives for visiting day but one more adventure is definitely in store as he helps his counselor Matt with a dangerous dinosaur situation. Yes, you heard me dinosaurs are invading the camp and only Nate Rocks can stop them. How? Well that is something only Nate knows and of course the hungry dinos. The fun has yet to begin with the overnight campout and the stories about the ghost of the camp. What happens next and the ending you have to read for yourself. Is there really someone named Bobino who is haunting the camp? What is the story behind his disappearance? What is story behind the camp and just who is Old Man Withers? Some stories are the property of the overnight camp owners and the secrets cannot be divulged because the new campers that come next year have to find out all about the camp, the ghosts the floods and much more when they sign up for the six weeks. What happens during the telling of the story you won’t believe and Nate once again uses his mind and imagination to save the camp from ghosts. The ending you really won’t expect and what his reward is will definitely make you smile. The friendships made and one young man who learns the true meaning of being a friend and much more. Nate certainly rocks more than just the boat in this story he proves that hard work, honestly fun and having a great sense of humor can often help you in many situations and of course keeping a cool head. Once again author Karen Pokras Toz keeps the reader glued to the printed page, engaged in every adventure that Nate encounters and hoping that he comes out on top because we all know not only does Nate Rock so does the author.

This is great for kids of all ages to teach loyalty, friendship, dealing with bullies, teamwork and just plain how to have some real fun. I love the counselors because they treated the kids with respect, encouraged them to follow the rules and who would not love Mamma T. Cannot wait for the next one.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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