Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Here Comes Pixie Pie

Here Comes Pixie Pie

Barbara Bloom

Barabara Bloom is an author whose name
You will surely learn as her claim to fame
Comes shining through for all children you see
When you learn about her latest release from me

Here Comes Pixie Pie is the title you how true
Filled with fun adventures and cute pictures just for you
Ma simply loves her as much as apple pie you know
Pixie is fun, loves pink and wants to attend a rodeo show

Her birthday is coming up and she has to decide what to do
Go to the rodeo or spend the day at the zoo
Deciding between the zoo and rodeo was not hard for her at all
Receiving a bicycle built for two and riding it with a friend would be a ball

So, who would she ask and what would she wear
How would they travel and get to the fair
Alexia is her choice and was excited to go and have fun
Riding around, playing the water balloon game and enjoying the sun

Ferris wheels are real high and up they went to the sky
Hoping that they could reach up and touch the blue sky
So, if you want to learn more about their adventure and more
Read Here Comes Pixie Pie and join in the fun galore.

The story is geared to children that are in grades K-2 and teaches friendship, kindness and one little girl named Pixie that is really quite special. The illustrations are colorful and you can feel the excitement in the faces of each character as you go along with Pixie and Alexia to the rodeo. Author Barbara Bloom can create more adventures for Pixie, Alexia and more friends.

As she states in the beginning of the book: This book was written for children around the world to enjoy and let’s not forget their parents.

Fran Lewis: reviewer This book gets FIVE PINK STARS

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