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The Moon and Beyond

John E. Siers

Piloting the maiden voyage of an aircraft headed for new horizons would be any pilot’s dream. Creating a ship or vehicle that defies gravity to some might be impossible but to others just months away. Major Lorna Greenwood divorces her military career in lieu of joining The Deep Space Research Institute. Scientists, engineers and computer geniuses comprise some of the elite staff. High security checks, in-depth background information obtained on many working there including Lorna, prevent the information and research from getting into the wrong hands. Lorna Greenwood disenchanted with the U.S. government, loyal to only herself and one man named Ian Stevens, she would now join 5 other people and begin testing a new aircraft that would take them and many others to colonize the moon. As the author explains the procedures needed to test the aircraft he also explains the way it works, defines many terms as readers become familiar with more than just what the characters need to know to begin their journey.

Imagine being able to interface or have discussions with an artificial brain that is housed in a high level and high tech computer named “Iron Mike.” Your questions answered, your responses heard and this computer or Mike as it is called will present you with the information needed as long as no unauthorized person is present or within earshot. As Ian or Mike explains the design to Lorna she has many unanswered questions and meets with the three engineers who designed this craft to discuss her operational concerns. But, before I continue the author relates and would like readers to know that there are others who do not agree with what the Deep Space Research Institute is doing. There are some who would like to know more but upon investigating have found nothing.

Next we learn about a State Senator named Blackthorne who seems to have his own private agenda in mind. Defining the word Naturist, which refers to a conglomerate of many environmental causes the author, elaborates on the work done, the movement and how they hope to move forward in Chapter 2. But, the concern is what is going on behind the closed doors of Deep Space Research and the only way they will know is if the plant a mole on their staff. Blackthorne raised concerns about the DSRI and learned he would pay a heavy price is he continued.

MIC 77 is what most would call the most powerful computer system and the DSRI has one but it seems to be lying dormant as if it does not exist. The author explains the technology in detail as we meet the team that NCSA has in place and their connection to the Senator and one man named Mr. Malcolm. As this organization run by Mr. Malcolm hacks into the computer system of DSRI they learn a hard lesson. Able to access their emails, website, network and research data someone found out and burned them right in cyberspace. Just what can’t they see? What are they up to and where do they want to go are just some of the questions that this organization is trying to find out but with the computer technology and skill of one man named Charlie Bender they would hopefully never find out. Both sides able to hack into the systems of the other and yet only one succeeded undetected.

Next, we find Lorna and one young man testing out the new ship, learning how to remain afloat and trying to prevent the side effects from lingering. The author then introduces Carla who is to join this elite group but Charlie is not quite sure about Lorna and now needs to focus on her. The author then reveals the real reason behind Lorna’s military career, why she left, the orders she countermanded and did not follow and Charlie’s reaction as the real mission is revealed. How are they going to take all of the brilliant and independent thinkers working on this project and turn them into the Free Democratic State Of Luna? How about in 6 months time? As Ian, Charlie and Lorna discuss the structure of how their new government would be created the author reveals that the only way they can operate would be in a militaristic environment, status, ranks, uniforms and Charlie in command. The author then introduces Thomas Perry whose job to teach history just became history for him as the Principal of the School chastises him for educating the students, daring to give poor grades to those who do not meet his standards and teaches information about war. You have to hear the conversation between them as he learns his fate and why. The end result will make you shudder.

Carla has now become an integral part of the Alpha Management Group as she learns her new duties and roles the reader to get to know more about her and her organizational skills yet Charlie is still apprehensive about her. Is he right?

A sovereign nation living on the moon as the author and Ian takes Carla and introduces her to Iron Mike, allows her to understand how he operates, his knowledge and then reveals more about each member of the team to her. Added in Lorna confesses her feelings for Carla, Carla’s father is Thomas Perry who has decided to visit her and the members of the team discuss the project, their objectives and the reasons why they need to move fast, get everyone on the moon and the ramifications of what will or would happen if the United States Government learns what they are doing and tries to stop them. Just what will happen when the truth comes out? Added in what about the one person who is trying to find out more and present the other side with information? What happens to him if he fails?

The Exodus is next as they prepare to colonize the moon and more people are to follow to live in this military environment where everyone does their part and no one questions why. Things change and one man hacks into the computer system, his identity revealed, the government alerted and the need to leave their present location vital. As the author and Ian reveal along with Mike what they are truly planning, the lengths to which they will go to complete their project, those to be involved, the way the environment will be set up and the government they hope to establish. As they ready themselves to move to the next phase and hopefully land on the moon we learn about more of Mike’s capabilities, Carla’s concerns and just how many people are involved.

Imagine what happens when the NY Times is alerted and the truth comes out that a small group of people that are engineers, researchers and computer experts landed on the moon after working under the guise of the Deep Space Research Institute creating a small Lunar City. When Mr. Malcolm learns he was right and the ISA reveals what it knows the end result was Federal Agents from several agencies went to the DSRI with warrants for arrests, an international hunt is on for those missing and the end still remains to be seen.

News stories created for the public to read, no mention of his agency or him and sources revealed that hundreds are living on the moon as the Editor in Chief of the Times tells all, the President becomes involved and Blackthorne comes back into the picture hoping the President will take action stating these people have made them all look life fools and the President wants to retaliate as Chapter Ten relates the First Battle of Luna and then their fourteen are killed and funerals are planned and the damage is great and one of their leaders gone.  Battles ensued, casualties many and their provisions low as they needed more skilled people possibly turning to Korea and the need for funds primary but where would they come from and who would support this Lunar Free State. Different countries involved, threat or supposed nuclear attack and the Lunar State Strikes back. Will they try to eliminate them? Are they really a threat to the earth? What is China’s role and Japan’s? Do they want their technology? Will they nuke them first? Just what will their final fate be as author John E. Siers takes us to the moon, shows us how a group of people can colonize and uninhabited land, work together, unify their resources and prove their loyalty to one another at the risk of being considered traitors to our country, leaving their families and exploring new frontiers. The Chinese Connection, the next battle to be fought and the end result you will have to learn for yourself. Who survives? Who survives the nuclear blast? What happens to those on the Moon? What happens to many cities will shock the reader as those that went to the Moon and Beyond new frontiers have yet to be explored but not before the new President and Ian Stevens come to terms with their differences. What ‘s next? Find out when you read book II: in the Saga of the Luna Free State. Can they survive a nuclear war? What happens to those on the moon? What is the fate of the world? Only author John E Siers knows what is in store for everyone and you will too when you read this book, take a seat on the next flight and join in the journey.
Fran Lewis: reviewer

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