Friday, September 7, 2012

Journey to Heaven and Back

My Journey to Heaven and Back
Rebecca D. Myers

There’s a bright light shining so greatly you cannot take your eyes away from it. The beauty of the light and the world that you have entered are so peaceful, serene and perfect you want to stay but you are not sure if you are ready. Love envelops you, security hugs your inner core and soul and the experience is one that will remain in your mind forever. To live in a world filled with pain and agony is difficult. Deciding to return and turn away from the light after finding peace and serenity courageous, heartfelt and praiseworthy and much more. The power of love, God, hope, life and determination are far stronger than that of evil, discord and hate. The power of one man’s thoughts, love and connection to his wife allowed her to see that path that she needed to take to guide back to where she belonged. Rebecca D. Myers shares in her first book her true story of what happens when eternity is right in front of you  and wants to grab and make take away your sorrows and pain and you are gripped by the “jaws of death,” but find your way back to life. Wikipedia defines Near death experiences as:” A near-death experience (NDE) refers to a broad range of personal experiences associated with impending death, encompassing multiple possible sensations including detachment from the body; feelings of levitation; extreme fear; total serenity, security, or warmth; the experience of absolute dissolution; and the presence of a light.” The person is reported to be clinically dead or close to dying but not dead. The experience itself as described by our author involved emotions, vivid images of even seeing people work on you as you watch from a vantage point above the action. You feel peaceful, loved, fearful, guilt and some feel despair. She described the light, the darkness, seeing someone from her past that was gone, deceased loved one, unfamiliar entities and in some cases the person does a review or you might say summary of their lives to decide which way to go or turn. One thing is for sure it is a life changing experience that will remain with the person forever.

Rebecca Myers relates her life to the reader and explains that we often make choices in life that come back and haunt us and some that if we had listened would have change the course of our lives and taken us in a different direction. But, the pull of some people, the drive to make us feel whole or accepted sometimes comes from someone that just wants to control and dominate our every move as Paul, her first husband did in more ways than one. My Journey to Heaven And Back is not only by her near death experience and the horrors she encountered being married to a man that was an abuser but it is a beautiful love story told. Gene and Rebecca are so special to each other after 27 years of marriage. This part of the story must be told and embraced by every reader.

Rebecca’s life was not an easy one and the road to every success had many obstacles. Imagine being abandoned at the age of four along with two of her siblings. Imagine not being able to get water from a faucet because you were too small and could not reach it. From the young age of four she had to learn many lessons that most would not. Each time she handled different situations and different encounters that took her to ER’s, doctors and inside the OR too many times. When she finally met Paul the red flags went up but for some reason she did not stop and adhere the warning she married him anyway. You are correct in stating that the way a man treats his mother he will treat his wife and Paul abused his mother. Need I say anymore. The man did not stop at just Rebecca his wrath spilled over to his two children two and even when she was pregnant with her second he did everything to make sure she would lose the child. But, the child won this time and so did she. Yet, all the love in the world did not create a warm relationship between her and her son after his father died. A man who tried to kidnap him, abused and beat him and turned his back on his mother and sister, how can you side with him even in death? At seven she got hit by a truck, then she cheated death when she almost drowned, the strange infection she got when her daughter was an infant, and her descriptions of the beatings and abuse alone make her one courageous woman that survived against all odds. The other encounters I am going to let you read for yourself as the final one came as a result of foot surgery. Sometimes we meet someone in life and are blessed and know from the moment we meet that person that he is our soul mate our one true love and will always have our hearts. To embrace, adore and appreciate some like that is special and the love that lasts and is between these two people gold. This is the love that she expresses and shares with Gene and the love she has for her daughter Tiffany. Just what happened to her is quite remarkable and amazing. How she wound up in the hospital, what happened during her stay and how Gene saved her life you have to read for yourself and take the journey along with Rebecca from death to life. A simple mistake, the wrong form, a change of a surgical team and one woman in a sense wins from all of the mistakes and changes made. How fortunate she did not give in the DNR form. How fortunate the surgery was delayed. How fortunate the staff was alerted and did not wait to revive her? How fortunate that Gene came back and never went home for the night. As the story is told and the end result revealed we hear Gene’s pleas for her return as he prays to God and hopes that he will answer his prayers and that Rebecca is listening.

Memories are special some good some bad. Revisiting the past is often to help us gain perspective in the present or future. Sometimes the past haunts us and the memories never fad but we hope in time they will and some do. The life we lived before at times comes full circle in the present and we have to remind ourselves of God’s blessings and embrace and live our lives in a positive way and hold on to the good and not the bad. Never let it consume your present or even make you want to turn to that bright light when there is so much in the present you still need to accomplish.

This is one heartfelt book that everyone should read. Abuse of any kind is wrong and how she finally fought back more than just courageous. To Gene you are truly a great man, kind in spirit and heart. Rebecca I can tell you appreciate you life with him and smile everyday and write that second book and send it to me. Great first book and amazing story.
Fran Lewis: reviewer

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